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Domestic & Commercial Electrician Norwich, Norfolk


Switched On Electrical can install and design a complete range of home electrical installations -from traditional to the latest high tech systems. We can install outside sockets and lighting for security or general garden and patio use. We install a complete range of equipment including-

  • Additional sockets and lights, Cookers, showers, Garage and shed electrics, Extensions and conservatory wiring.


Switched On Electrical offer a full range of Electrical Inspection Testing and Certification for homes, workplaces, rented properties and public areas. Reasonable rates and prompt service. Call today.


If your house has any of the following, you need an electrician. All of these older practises are dangerous and will need to be rectified. Some are so serious that the property will need rewiring to current wiring regulations to prevent risk of fire or electric shock.

The following list is a only a guide to what can be replaced or repaired and what needs rewiring.

Switched On Electrical Electrical are 17th Edition, Part P registered, Trustmark approved and will advise if you need repairs or a rewire. Ask for a free quote.

  • Damaged – Switches, Sockets or Cables.
  • Older Fuseboxes – with wooden backs
  • Main water pipe used to earth the installation
  • Rewireable fuses instead of Circuit breakers
  • Earth leakage breaker pre 1981 (voltage operated)
  • Black Rubber cables (TRS)pre 1970
  • Lead Sheathed Cables- pre 1948
  • Double pole fusing – pre 1950’s installations had a fuse in neutral as well as Live
  • Lighting circuits –pre 1966 with no earth wire.
  • Round pin sockets
  • Sockets mounted on skirting boards
  • Fabric sheathed cables pre 1948
  • Braded cables to light fittings

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